Clients will at times ask how long they will need to be in counselling. There is no prescriptive answer; it will depend on the support you feel you need and the issues that you are bringing. I can work with you in a short term (six to twelve week) solution-focused framework, or on a longer open-ended time frame. I generally recommend that we meet for a number of sessions and then review the therapy to decide how we move forward.

Sessions take place on a weekly basis to support the development of trust and sense of safety in the relationship between counsellor and client, and the effectiveness of the counselling process.


The quality of the relationship between counsellor and client is central to integrative therapy and the process of healing. As trust develops between client and therapist, the client is able to reflect on difficult, or painful experiences, with the counsellor alongside, providing non-judgmental and empathic presence and support. By offering new perspectives and helping the client to gain insight into the ways in which their difficulties may be connected to life choices, or the ways in which they relate to others.


  • One to one support at a difficult time in your life
  • Increase in self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Greater self-acceptance
  • Improved awareness of yourself and how you relate to others
  • Increased resilience to help you to deal with life's challenges and to cope with change
  • Raised energy and motivation levels

My practice is guided by the BACP Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy.

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